Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Marble Columns

Marble!!! I completed these marble columns this week. I fell in love with this technique. In our new home I am going to marble everything.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Happy Halloween

Our little tulip fairy. Hallie loved trick or treating and loved her Chocolate even more!

Jared's Birthday Present

For Jared's birthday he wanted a painting for his office. Since working in uptown Charlotte was one of the things that he loved about Cranfill Sumner, I used that as inspiration. His Grandfather, Papa Joe, used to tell stories of hanging on the back of a trolley car when his was a little boy. I thought that it would make a nice tie to the city and to Papa Joe (who Jared was named after). He was excited when he saw it and loves the personal decoration in his office.

More Murals

These are just a few more samples of the murals that I have done.

The Palm Gifts

Here are the new products that I will be selling at the Palm Gifts. The Palm Gifts if a web based company that specialize in personalized gifts. I am excited and hope that they will do well. The website has tones of cute gifts for all occasions, so check it out!!