Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Little Girl Peasant Dresses from T-shirt

This is an old t-shirt of my Mother-in-law. I really liked the lady bugs even though the shirt isn't my favorite. I wanted to made dresses from the ladybugs from my daughter and two nieces. Now remember- I am new to sewing! 

This was the first attempt. I liked the red and the yellow together. But this one was too short for my daughter. I did like the "pillow case dress style," but I would probably add a shirt underneath. I decided to try sleeves for the next one. There was a great tutorial for a peasant dress I saw on pinterest. It didn't require button holes or a zipper, so it was safe for me to try. 

Here is my model. Cutie huh. Still a little too short. Luckily the other two dress are for girls a year younger then my daughter. I did the last one with the white background butterflies. I really liked the baseball tee look to the dress. 

There were a few boo boos and changes I made on the way. Well, it was mostly to the first dress which is shown here in the middle. First I redid the seams on the side. I had the edges exposed like when I sewed the stripes on. That made it look like she had two poster boards sewn together. The next thing was the sleeves. I put red sleeves on it. But I didn't make the sleeves wide enough. they were really tight on her arms and shoulders. Since I didn't have any red jersey left, I did the sleeves in white. Which ironically for that dress I like better. Since it had both red and yellow stripes I think it would have been too busy with the red sleeves. Or- maybe I'm just saying that because that was my only choice. 

All in all- I am really pleased with the way the dresses turned out. And now I know I can make a dress! Oh, and bows that match to come soon. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sweet Owl and Darling Dino

These are my recent custom children's artwork. 

The owl painting matched this Pottery Barn set. The color is off on the screen. But I had the sheet as I painted it to make sure the colors matched perfectly.

Hayley Nursery Bedding Set

Hayley Nursery Bedding Set

And I think this little dinosaur needed one more post. He kinda got lost in the last one.

This is another example of a 16x20 canvas painting that I can do for those that would like to support 
"Keep pounding 5K Stadium Run"