Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Little Girl Peasant Dresses from T-shirt

This is an old t-shirt of my Mother-in-law. I really liked the lady bugs even though the shirt isn't my favorite. I wanted to made dresses from the ladybugs from my daughter and two nieces. Now remember- I am new to sewing! 

This was the first attempt. I liked the red and the yellow together. But this one was too short for my daughter. I did like the "pillow case dress style," but I would probably add a shirt underneath. I decided to try sleeves for the next one. There was a great tutorial for a peasant dress I saw on pinterest. It didn't require button holes or a zipper, so it was safe for me to try. 

Here is my model. Cutie huh. Still a little too short. Luckily the other two dress are for girls a year younger then my daughter. I did the last one with the white background butterflies. I really liked the baseball tee look to the dress. 

There were a few boo boos and changes I made on the way. Well, it was mostly to the first dress which is shown here in the middle. First I redid the seams on the side. I had the edges exposed like when I sewed the stripes on. That made it look like she had two poster boards sewn together. The next thing was the sleeves. I put red sleeves on it. But I didn't make the sleeves wide enough. they were really tight on her arms and shoulders. Since I didn't have any red jersey left, I did the sleeves in white. Which ironically for that dress I like better. Since it had both red and yellow stripes I think it would have been too busy with the red sleeves. Or- maybe I'm just saying that because that was my only choice. 

All in all- I am really pleased with the way the dresses turned out. And now I know I can make a dress! Oh, and bows that match to come soon. 

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