Friday, September 30, 2011

So I don't sew. Girl's two layer skirt

On a whim I found this really cute floral print, of course on sale, looking for something other then fabric at the fabric sale. Not knowing what I was going to make. It was only $2. So why not? Then looking at the blank space in my daughter's closet at where her Sunday clothes should be I decided to make her a skirt. She had something similar in her closet that was more springy- so I copied it. I am kinda pleased with the results. It isn't fantastic, but I will still let her wear it to church.
We need to work on our styling and photo shots. (the girl is always cute, and the skirt has to be taken in) But who are we kidding- It's not like I have 1000 readers to impress. Those who see this blog are my friends and aren't really bothered that I didn't do a fancy photo shot. Plus it is early and she had to go to school. And I was way too excited not to post the skirt I made last night! So yeah! Here it is.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

#1 Client; Firehouse and African Murals

It all started with the most adorable twin boys you have ever seen. Their mom wanted something special to go on their playroom walls. Something different. Thanks to the twin's aunt, who knew my husband, my name was suggested and that's where it all began.

 Then it was time for the boys to graduate from their cribs to big boy beds. 

 Each twin had to have their own stool to match their nautical bathroom. It's all about time management. Get both kids brushing at the same time and the night time routine goes much faster! Or maybe have twin sink stools is just way too cute not to do!
This is in their baby brother's room. I painted really sweet frogs on the wall of the nursery a few years ago (I will post a before and after when the trucks are complete). But something all baby boys do, they grow up... To complete the room with his new big boy bed we needed to add some trucks. Although the frogs were  adorable, it was really awesome to hear the excitement from little brother when he saw the truck on his wall. I love it when I please the parents, but making the kids happy- AWESOME feeling!

Monday, September 26, 2011

So, I don't sew, swimsuit cover-ups

Here was an attempt at swimsuit cover ups. I made one for the little bitty girl too. But I can't find it. It actually turned out the best. We have never had our own neighborhood pool until this summer. We were really excited to come and go when we pleased. Although, going with friends to their pools is the best in the middle of the day! But to cover my girls from the parking lot to the pool, here we are! My friend gave me this knit to try it out. It was a laughable experience. Because I was laughing at all the ways I had to fix what I messed up, and at how CRAZY my stitch lines were. But I had fun, and they didn't kick us out of the pool because of our dresses. 
So an artist I may be, but sewing, that is an entirely different beast. I hope to get better with time and practice. It is much easier to hid my wavy lines in the curtains that hang way above eye level. But I bought material for a skirt for the big girl. I hope to sew it tonight. Wish me luck! 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dining Room Part 2: faux ceiling

Here is the faux base of the ceiling. 
And now is the hard part. Designing and executing the flourish, filigree and leaf pattern on the top. Wish me luck. I have googled trey ceiling murals in about every word combination possible and still haven't seen exactly what I want. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Hairbow Obcession

 I can't stop making bows, headbands, whatever. What my oldest switched over to headbands I got so excited. A whole new set of things to make. I don't know what they put in a hot glue stick, but it must have something that makes it addicting! I'll add new styles when I see them, or make them. YEAH!!!
 Felt flowers (I've done the center a few different ways, this was attempt one) and crocheted flowers and of course the classic ribbon bows.

 Set one of my Sister-in-law's bows. I think I have added at least 15 more. And I think there are some styles and colors that I left out. So it is not complete. We had to make sure that there were plenty of colored headbands too because white isn't enough. My favorite are the ones made from fold-over elastic. 
Another sweet niece's Christmas present. She started wearing pigtails. Her original set had to be updated.

Monday, September 19, 2011

My Little Bitty Girl's Nursery

 I found this great fabric on sale and went from there. What doesn't start with a great sale? 

 I made the curtains and the crib skirt. Although sewing is still pretty new to me. Thankfully they are high so you can't see my crooked seams. And I made a "quilt" and pillows. The word quilt is used rather loosely. But I had to try and do something else with the extra fabric. Looks great on the chair when you are far far away!  

 Then did a mural below the chair rail pulling out the flowers from the fabric.

Finishing off the room I did a few pieces of artwork.
Although it seems silly to call it a nursery now that she is so big! Here she is with her new baby cousin. She wasn't jealous when I held the baby, but she did insist on sitting on my lap too. Silly girl.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Why I feel I was given this gift and talent

As my brother-in-law said "I love to speak in public, but this is one assignment I didn't want." This was in reference to giving the story of his mother's life at the services for her passing. I have done many portraits of loved ones that have passed away. The first one was about 15 years ago. I wanted to do something to help the family that had just lost their beloved mother. The passing was in it's season, I think she was in her late 80's and had lived with diabetes for a very long time. This wonderful lady was a part of my family for a long time and we all loved her very much. I thought to myself, if I could sing, I would sing at her funeral. But this is what I do, so I will draw a picture. Then, as life happens, there were more opportunities to work through my own grief and help others by drawing a loved one that had passed on. 

But this one, my mother-in-law, my husband's mom, our Nanny, and my dear friend; this one I didn't feel I could ever muster the strength to do.

Not wanting to have any attention directed toward me at this time I did not want to draw a portrait. I asked my sister-in-law if they had found a current picture that they would be able to frame at the services. She said they were just going to use the bridal portrait that they had painted a few years back. I wasn't sure if they just weren't able to find an image that would work nicely enlarged and framed for the occasion. So I asked my brother-in-law if he thought that they would like to me to a portrait. And since they were putting a slide show together, asked if they had found one they would like me to use. Since her appearance had changed in the last few years, I didn't know what time period they wanted to use. 

And then came the challenge. The idea sounded great to them. But I only had one night to complete the portrait. And I NEVER got the image! He sent it, but it didn't come through. So with two hours before I needed to leave to assist with the arrangements for later that night I finally got the image. I don't know how my hand moved with the precision that it did. But I never made a mistake and didn't sit and ponder my next pencil mark. My hand was truly guided. And when I put the final touches on her eyes, it was if she was there with me, looking and smiling back at me. It was a beautiful experience. 

At the center of this family and in our hearts she will always be. We love you and will miss until we see you again!

And we are happy to say that this family picture is outdated yet again because of another addition. With two sweet babies. One that she hand picked to come to our family the moment she left this life and crossed into the other. 

Custom artwork

How in the world do you find art for a little girl's room in marigold, orange, rose, and brown. Probably not going to happen. The mom found this wonderful fabric with an out of the box color palette, made curtains, painted and then got stuck for what to do next to accessorize the room. So I created these pieces for sweet little Rowan. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

2 sets of 3 paintings

These are a set of paintings that I did for the den. It was a process. I hung them up, then eventually added the large white flowers, then stained the white flowers. I would just stair at them on the wall and think that they were missing something. I think they are finished now, but you never know.

These are currently in the office at work. I try to grab them whenever he moves or changes things around. But my husband won't let me bring them home. The would be perfect for the dinning room! Maybe I will have to try again. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Dining Room Part 1: faux walls

We recently decided to start on our dinning room. And here is phase one. The base coat is "Tawny Mushroom" (or as my friend called it "Burple") and then did a smoke stain affect with glaze. 

I am not sure that it is my favorite faux finish that I have done, but I am satisfied for today.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it''s off to faux I go.....

 I think that this technique was labeled suede, or maybe leather? It was pretty simple. Did a base coat. Then I  measured off and taped rectangles in the room. Slapped some glaze in a square, pressed a huge piece of thin, plastic drop cloth on it, took it off and Viola. There you have it.
The next few weeks I will be working on a dinning room. Smoke staining the walls and doing something fancy in the trey ceiling. Probably something with flourishes (my new favorite word) and filigree. Yeah!