Friday, September 9, 2011

Custom Note Cards

So, it has been quite a while since my last post. I am creating as the need arises. And... With the inspiration from so many other bloggers out there I have decided to post my creations. And their stories.
These are note cards that I designed for my mom's birthday. She is a big card sender, and has plans to serve a mission with my dad in the spring. So here are the first attempts. I think the ones on the bottom turned out nicer. I might revisit them again before spring. But for now I am happy with the results. I hope that she enjoys sending them.

This was the first draft. I wasn't happy with the background and the butterfly with the one on the left. So I redrew. I paint very lightly sometimes and that doesn't translate into print. 

These were thank you cards that I painted for a friend that had a beautiful baby girl. I painted this with her daughter's name in it. But before I put the baby's name in it, I scanned it and added the "Thank You." This way she had note cards that went with her baby gift. And of course I can use them for other things too. I am sure that I will post the baby gift in a future post along with other personalized baby gifts.

The original note cards. I did these quite a while ago. Before kids actually. For a craft show at Duke University. I was an employee there while my husband was in school. They didn't sell too well. But the original is still hanging in my house today. I loved the way that the image turned out.

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