Monday, September 26, 2011

So, I don't sew, swimsuit cover-ups

Here was an attempt at swimsuit cover ups. I made one for the little bitty girl too. But I can't find it. It actually turned out the best. We have never had our own neighborhood pool until this summer. We were really excited to come and go when we pleased. Although, going with friends to their pools is the best in the middle of the day! But to cover my girls from the parking lot to the pool, here we are! My friend gave me this knit to try it out. It was a laughable experience. Because I was laughing at all the ways I had to fix what I messed up, and at how CRAZY my stitch lines were. But I had fun, and they didn't kick us out of the pool because of our dresses. 
So an artist I may be, but sewing, that is an entirely different beast. I hope to get better with time and practice. It is much easier to hid my wavy lines in the curtains that hang way above eye level. But I bought material for a skirt for the big girl. I hope to sew it tonight. Wish me luck! 

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