Monday, September 19, 2011

My Little Bitty Girl's Nursery

 I found this great fabric on sale and went from there. What doesn't start with a great sale? 

 I made the curtains and the crib skirt. Although sewing is still pretty new to me. Thankfully they are high so you can't see my crooked seams. And I made a "quilt" and pillows. The word quilt is used rather loosely. But I had to try and do something else with the extra fabric. Looks great on the chair when you are far far away!  

 Then did a mural below the chair rail pulling out the flowers from the fabric.

Finishing off the room I did a few pieces of artwork.
Although it seems silly to call it a nursery now that she is so big! Here she is with her new baby cousin. She wasn't jealous when I held the baby, but she did insist on sitting on my lap too. Silly girl.

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Ash said...

absolutely love Avery's little room. It is darling! so tasteful. so lovely.