Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Hairbow Obcession

 I can't stop making bows, headbands, whatever. What my oldest switched over to headbands I got so excited. A whole new set of things to make. I don't know what they put in a hot glue stick, but it must have something that makes it addicting! I'll add new styles when I see them, or make them. YEAH!!!
 Felt flowers (I've done the center a few different ways, this was attempt one) and crocheted flowers and of course the classic ribbon bows.

 Set one of my Sister-in-law's bows. I think I have added at least 15 more. And I think there are some styles and colors that I left out. So it is not complete. We had to make sure that there were plenty of colored headbands too because white isn't enough. My favorite are the ones made from fold-over elastic. 
Another sweet niece's Christmas present. She started wearing pigtails. Her original set had to be updated.

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