Friday, September 30, 2011

So I don't sew. Girl's two layer skirt

On a whim I found this really cute floral print, of course on sale, looking for something other then fabric at the fabric sale. Not knowing what I was going to make. It was only $2. So why not? Then looking at the blank space in my daughter's closet at where her Sunday clothes should be I decided to make her a skirt. She had something similar in her closet that was more springy- so I copied it. I am kinda pleased with the results. It isn't fantastic, but I will still let her wear it to church.
We need to work on our styling and photo shots. (the girl is always cute, and the skirt has to be taken in) But who are we kidding- It's not like I have 1000 readers to impress. Those who see this blog are my friends and aren't really bothered that I didn't do a fancy photo shot. Plus it is early and she had to go to school. And I was way too excited not to post the skirt I made last night! So yeah! Here it is.

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