Thursday, October 23, 2014

Polymer clay

My mom and aunt started messing with polymer clay. I figured, why not. Here is what I came up with. I am a fan. I will probably so some ornaments for Christmas this year. 


Artists are always reinventing themselves or tying new things. I saw something on Pinterest and had to try it. I feel in love. It was hand shaping wire into flowers then painting them with nail polish. I made them in every color I had and then went to the store to buy more colors. I love them! Cute and dainty. Before you say it, I tried. I had a etsy shop. I can't even remember the name at this point. The Ornamental Flower. Not my time and season to sell. I wish it was sometimes. I am an artist who can't concentrate with all the kids. It is hard to really pour your heart into marketing, and making for that matter, when real life calls you. So for now, if you have a birthday let me know. I'll make you a set of earrings. Or if you are one of my kids teachers, or a family member I'm sure you'll get them for Christmas. 

Chalk lettering

 Can you write on these signs for our son and soon to be daughter-in-law's wedding? Of course I can. Aren't they the cutest trays ever! Loved them. I thought their own handwriting would've been lovely too. On the other hand, I do love any excuse to do a quick project. It didn't take long, and the couple are just sweet hearts. Only problem was we were headed to the beach and we didn't get to go to the reception! I know that it was beautiful. 

Another Nursery Cutie

One more little Nursery sweetness. I grabbed my little stuffed lamb and went to work. I love an excuse to get my paint out. This was for a sweet co-worker of my husband. This is her first little baby. She likes lambs. Who wouldn't right? 

 I'm also trying to illustrate my own cards. This wasn't my design, but I like the way I recreated it. I couldn't get the darn thing in the right direction on this post. Urg. 


I knew that had written about my special portraits before. I thought it was from this particular one, but it wasn't. I was remembering the one I did about my mother-in-law.

This is Andrew Page. I copied what I wrote a few days after his passing below. He died October 10, 2013. So this was done a little over a year ago. And as time has its way, it has touched his sweet mother and his sisters. Do they miss him, absolutely. Do they feel our Heavenly Father's love, you bet they do. I have only heard a tiny portion of the miraculous experiences that continue to happen since Andrew died. Like with Jared's mom (my mother-in-law), would we trade those experiences to have her back? We don't get to choose. Are we happy to know that she is still there and loves us, that our Savior knows us and knows what we feel, that our Heavenly Father is real, cares for us, can let us know he is there through tender mercies- Those are the things that get us through this life until we can be reunited with our family and our friends. To know that this life has a purpose. We must grow so we can learn and return to Him. That talent is not wasted in this life or the next.  
That our families are forever. 

"This is the news story about Andrew Page. Jared and I have known this family for a long time. Andrew's dad worked with Jared before his mission and helped him prepare for his mission. When we were first married we went to church with them until law school. Then moving back to Charlotte we moved into that ward again. We were so excited to see them and be with our friends again. Then the last two years I was Andrew's Sunday school teacher. I always thought he was a fantastic kid and a great role model for others, but when I became his teacher I feel like we truly became friends. 

This article says what I wanted to say but didn't know how. He loved the gospel. He knew the Book of Mormon was true. And he was a friend to everyone he met. We will all miss him. He has an amazing family. To say this will be hard doesn't begin to describe it, but they will be with him one day and that brings them comfort. But there is also great power in prayer and prayers are always welcome."


Artist Statement and "in progress" 2014 LDS art contest

"In my childhood I was surrounded by paintings my late grandmother did. Having little confidence as a teen I explored art simply because "if my grandmother was an artist maybe there is talent somewhere in my genes." With that I found a love for expressing myself through the medium that we call "art." As I attended college with the purpose of entering the medical field I found my thoughts constantly drawn to my art homework. From there I studied illustration and increased my abilities through practice and feeling that the Lord doubled my efforts with every hour I put into my work. I was able to supplement my income with odd portrait and mural commissions while my husband completed his studies and obtained his law degree. Currently I am compiling as much research of the four most adorable muses on this earth. One day I hope to look back and use those pictures to paint from and create the books that time did not permit me to do. I am lucky enough to be the one entrusted with their care. Somewhere it says "there is a time and a season." For now I will have to feel that happy muses in piles of photographs are better than pictures painted. There will be time to paint the flowers in the eternities. Hopefully I can squeeze in a few during this life as well."

This is an in progress shot of the painting I am doing for the Church History Museum 2014 art competition. It is for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which is the church I am a member of. The Theme is "Tell Me the Stories of Jesus." The submissions are accepted from Nov to Feb. Somewhere in that time frame I will put the artist statement that is specific to this piece. I am excited at the progress. It is the first "real" work that I have done in many years. I wanted to challenge myself and to prove that I could still do something of worth. There are so many things to say about this painting, but I will wait until it is complete. I have to catch up the blog from the last year and a half.  

A Personal Thank You

A great way to say "Thank You"

Let's get real. Right now I am not making a dime as an artist. I've made my peace with it. However, I am really excited when I get a chance to paint. We have a friend who lets us use their beach house. They never take any money. This year I decided to make something they could hang in the house. The house had a complete overhaul this fall. Why not give a special touch and a fresh set of sea life paintings.

They are 5x7 each. I didn't want to do something too large in case they didn't like them. Just a simple little creatures. It was really special for me to paint these while staying there. I loved getting the feel of the house and letting that be my muse. 

Thankfully they did love them. I hope so. People always say they love my work, but what else are you going to say to someone's face? Like it or not, they were painted from the heart. So, here's to a not so common "Thank You."

Wouldn't it be awesome to figure out how to change the orientation of a picture after it was uploaded? opps...