Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Personal Thank You

A great way to say "Thank You"

Let's get real. Right now I am not making a dime as an artist. I've made my peace with it. However, I am really excited when I get a chance to paint. We have a friend who lets us use their beach house. They never take any money. This year I decided to make something they could hang in the house. The house had a complete overhaul this fall. Why not give a special touch and a fresh set of sea life paintings.

They are 5x7 each. I didn't want to do something too large in case they didn't like them. Just a simple little creatures. It was really special for me to paint these while staying there. I loved getting the feel of the house and letting that be my muse. 

Thankfully they did love them. I hope so. People always say they love my work, but what else are you going to say to someone's face? Like it or not, they were painted from the heart. So, here's to a not so common "Thank You."

Wouldn't it be awesome to figure out how to change the orientation of a picture after it was uploaded? opps...

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