Thursday, October 23, 2014


I knew that had written about my special portraits before. I thought it was from this particular one, but it wasn't. I was remembering the one I did about my mother-in-law.

This is Andrew Page. I copied what I wrote a few days after his passing below. He died October 10, 2013. So this was done a little over a year ago. And as time has its way, it has touched his sweet mother and his sisters. Do they miss him, absolutely. Do they feel our Heavenly Father's love, you bet they do. I have only heard a tiny portion of the miraculous experiences that continue to happen since Andrew died. Like with Jared's mom (my mother-in-law), would we trade those experiences to have her back? We don't get to choose. Are we happy to know that she is still there and loves us, that our Savior knows us and knows what we feel, that our Heavenly Father is real, cares for us, can let us know he is there through tender mercies- Those are the things that get us through this life until we can be reunited with our family and our friends. To know that this life has a purpose. We must grow so we can learn and return to Him. That talent is not wasted in this life or the next.  
That our families are forever. 

"This is the news story about Andrew Page. Jared and I have known this family for a long time. Andrew's dad worked with Jared before his mission and helped him prepare for his mission. When we were first married we went to church with them until law school. Then moving back to Charlotte we moved into that ward again. We were so excited to see them and be with our friends again. Then the last two years I was Andrew's Sunday school teacher. I always thought he was a fantastic kid and a great role model for others, but when I became his teacher I feel like we truly became friends. 

This article says what I wanted to say but didn't know how. He loved the gospel. He knew the Book of Mormon was true. And he was a friend to everyone he met. We will all miss him. He has an amazing family. To say this will be hard doesn't begin to describe it, but they will be with him one day and that brings them comfort. But there is also great power in prayer and prayers are always welcome."


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