Thursday, October 23, 2014


Artists are always reinventing themselves or tying new things. I saw something on Pinterest and had to try it. I feel in love. It was hand shaping wire into flowers then painting them with nail polish. I made them in every color I had and then went to the store to buy more colors. I love them! Cute and dainty. Before you say it, I tried. I had a etsy shop. I can't even remember the name at this point. The Ornamental Flower. Not my time and season to sell. I wish it was sometimes. I am an artist who can't concentrate with all the kids. It is hard to really pour your heart into marketing, and making for that matter, when real life calls you. So for now, if you have a birthday let me know. I'll make you a set of earrings. Or if you are one of my kids teachers, or a family member I'm sure you'll get them for Christmas. 

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