Thursday, October 23, 2014

Artist Statement and "in progress" 2014 LDS art contest

"In my childhood I was surrounded by paintings my late grandmother did. Having little confidence as a teen I explored art simply because "if my grandmother was an artist maybe there is talent somewhere in my genes." With that I found a love for expressing myself through the medium that we call "art." As I attended college with the purpose of entering the medical field I found my thoughts constantly drawn to my art homework. From there I studied illustration and increased my abilities through practice and feeling that the Lord doubled my efforts with every hour I put into my work. I was able to supplement my income with odd portrait and mural commissions while my husband completed his studies and obtained his law degree. Currently I am compiling as much research of the four most adorable muses on this earth. One day I hope to look back and use those pictures to paint from and create the books that time did not permit me to do. I am lucky enough to be the one entrusted with their care. Somewhere it says "there is a time and a season." For now I will have to feel that happy muses in piles of photographs are better than pictures painted. There will be time to paint the flowers in the eternities. Hopefully I can squeeze in a few during this life as well."

This is an in progress shot of the painting I am doing for the Church History Museum 2014 art competition. It is for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which is the church I am a member of. The Theme is "Tell Me the Stories of Jesus." The submissions are accepted from Nov to Feb. Somewhere in that time frame I will put the artist statement that is specific to this piece. I am excited at the progress. It is the first "real" work that I have done in many years. I wanted to challenge myself and to prove that I could still do something of worth. There are so many things to say about this painting, but I will wait until it is complete. I have to catch up the blog from the last year and a half.  

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