Thursday, February 16, 2012

Decorative Paintings

These are paintings that I completed a few years ago.
This triptych I sold on ebay. It was hard to let this one go. 
 I created these for my mom's dinning room. There is a large mirror in between the paintings. I applied molding paste to the canvas first to create the peonies. Then painted them red. In the picture the gold looks very intense, but it is not that way in real life. The gold is a paint is only visible with it catches the light in a certain way. If I remember correctly it is called gold interface? 
 This was a commissioned piece. This is a large watercolor. 
 Another painting I sold on ebay. 

This is a study for a mural for a powder room. It turned out to be a nice stand alone painting. Happy accident!

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Natalie said...

Amazing! You are so talented!