Friday, November 4, 2011

shhh sneak peak...(Dinning Room part 3.5: the filigree ceiling?)

Okay, so I am horrible at secrets, surprises, Christmas presents whatever. If it is good news, don't tell me because I am going to tell everyone! I couldn't wait to show off my ceiling. There is more to do in the corners of the trey. Which are designed and ready to go. I haven't even cleaned up the drop cloth and I had to post this. I am SOOOO EXCITED with the way this is turning out. Sometimes putting in the extra effort in the design really pays off. And thank goodness my hand wasn't too shaky and that I was able to paint almost smooth lines. I might add highlights in a metallic or maybe just cream. It isn't quite done... But too happy not to share. I plan on doing a tutorial with this one too. It is really simple to transfer a design and create your own custom mural... Now on the ceiling, that isn't for the feather weights. OUCH!

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