Monday, October 24, 2011

Art Lesson 1: Symmetry

Teaching... I seem to always have art students. One way or another for the past ten years I find myself teaching. Sometimes I actively pursue someone to teach, other times they just find me. 

Last week I had the first lesson with my new students. They are home schooled. If they were in tradition school the girl would be in 3rd grade and the boy 5th. I am really excited! The first lesson I do is to get an idea of their skill level. I just have them bring an object, sometimes it is their shoe, and draw it with no instruction. And these two kids did fantastic! Their proportions were spot on. 

Then we did a lesson on symmetry. Which I found it quite funny, I used an old sketch book and found where I had taught this lesson previously and drawn a demonstration. And also saw where I had done several lessons to different students years apart from another on portraits and figure drawing. 
 I didn't take a picture this week of my current students. But here are some students and projects from previous years.
 Casting masks is a classic. It is really fun to explore different cultures with this project. 

 An impressionist project.
 And here were the last group of student until now. I taught five girls, plus my daughter, that were around 6years old. Wow, I have no idea how teachers have an entire classroom. But they were all so sweet. They got excited no matter what we did. 
I do love to teach. I find the enthusiasm that I get from my students to be contagious and inspiring. To watch them grow and develop as little artists is just amazing. At some point later in life I would love to have summer camps and after school classes. But right now I am glad to have a few students here and there and practice with my own kiddos.

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