Monday, October 31, 2011

Dinning Room Part 3: the ceiling design

It is always a love hate relationship coming up with a design. I want it to be perfect. Sometimes I get too far in one design that when I see an error I don't want to start over. But this design, this room, I think I started over four times. I didn't want it to look like a cross, not too many swirls, not too many leaves and so on. 

Now mapping it out in the actual size. I did the drawing on graph paper then drew grid lines on the larger white paper. The design needed to be flowy but intentional. Slight variations to show that it isn't a stencil, but not sloppy. 

The next step, transferring the image on the ceiling. Out comes the ladder. (you do know that it will be symmetrical, right. I will just turn the paper and draw it on the other side. No need in drawing everything twice)

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Ash said...

oh, never thought about that. you're clever. :)